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What do we do
Mirai provides an end-to-end service for bespoke design gift, homewares and garden products.
We’re expert at identifying, sourcing, and designing the products that you need; with the widest variety, keenest pricing and quickest turnaround.

We do everything we can to make your job easier, your products sales more successful and your customers more satisfied.

  • We look after your products all the way from an idea to a safe and secure delivery.
  • We take the time to work closely with our suppliers and with you to bring your sourcing strategy to life, to develop and create exclusive designs and products just for you.
  • We think ahead for you and see the trends before they happen, our people are close to the ground at major international trade fairs around the globe, with every supplier working hard for you and your customers.
How we work
We’re not trying to conquer the world; we’ve built our business by growing each and every customer and taking the time to understand them and their business needs.
We do this in a few very simple ways.

  • We know the trends and insights in your market and are pro-active in bringing you the best ideas.
  • We cover the detail of every design, every product, every shipment and every delivery.
  • We deliver on time, on specification and on budget – that’s why our customers keep
  • coming back to us year on year.
  • We resolve problems for you before they escalate and simply do what needs to be done to get it right every time; we don’t sleep until you do.
  • We grow with you and for you – we’re scalable and flexible but never lose our human touch.
  • We’re clear, helpful and straight talking. We are fair to our suppliers. We are easy to deal with.
  • We take the time to become part of your team so that you can successfully plan and implement your product strategy without worry and gain an edge in a highly competitive market.

Our services
We hope you find our website helpful – we want you to be able to find the products you’re looking for… and perhaps some you’re not.
We want you to be reassured by our processes and managers, dedicated to ensure that we execute quickly and precisely to your needs, so the right product at the most competitive price reaches you in the right condition.

Our end-to-end capability means that we have the experience and expertise to handle every stage of your product strategy:

  • Idea generation
  • Manufacturer sourcing
  • Concept design
  • Sample production
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • QC and full certification
  • Test and control (including electrical)
  • Compliance and legal issues
  • Full logistic and delivery options
  • Complete customer service throughout